Occupational Dermatitis & Hand Health

Chemical exposure in the workplace, poses many health risks, short and long term, especially to the sensitive tissues of the hand.

The most effective way to reduce chemical reactions on the skin, and increase workplace safety as well as productivity, is to eliminate all unnecessary chemical based irritants, and increase awareness for those affected by over-exposure.

Hand dermatitis is a common chemical sensitive reaction that affects many workers around the globe. It is a well known, non-contagious and non-life-threatening skin reaction, caused by allergic contact with various workplace or home chemicals.

Skin damage occurs after repeat exposure to chemical based irritants, and more often than not, workers need to take time off in order to allow their hands to heal.

Dermatitis Symptoms

  • redness or inflammation
  • flaky, dry or scaly skin
  • itching (sometimes extreme)
  • burning sensation (sometimes sores)
  • darkened or leathery skin texture
  • swelling (eye, face, or groin)
  • sensitivity when exposed to the sun
  • oozing and/or dry blisters/hives

Workers suffering with hand dermatitis often report physical pain and emotional embarrassment associated with the affected area(s) on the body.

The inflamed skin tissues are visually displeasing, and greatly inconvenient amidst day to day tasks, which can significantly effect productivity.

“[Occupational dermatitis] has financial implications in terms of ongoing medical treatment, absence from work, social welfare compensation and possible civil claims. It brings other costs in terms of pain and suffering to affected workers. In many instances it may be totally preventable by simple inexpensive measures.” Health & Safety Authority © 2016 (Source: http://www.hsa.ie/)

Although every workplace aims to prevent such issues from occurring, hand-cleaners are often over-looked as the source of the allergic reaction.

Sourcing reliable products labeled hypoallergenic and/or unscented is a great start to reducing skin irritation in the workplace. The more protection your workers feel on the job, the more productive they will be while working.WORX All-Natural Hand Cleaner

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