Water Impact Study
How water usage effects us all!


“Manufacturing industries discharged most of their wastewater (75%) to surface freshwater (...) Of the water discharged by manufacturers, 38% was not treated before being released. Mining industries discharged most of their wastewater (73%) to surface freshwater (...) Of the water discharged by manufacturers, 60% was not treated before being released.” (StatCan.com)

Water Impact vs Result | Daily Hand Washing and the Industrial Worker


  • Flow rate of an average sink: 2.2 gallons per min.**
  • Length of average industrial hand wash: 1-2 min.
  • Average number of hand washes per day: 5-8 per person
  • Average number of workdays per year: 250


  • Average industrial worker uses up to 4.5 gal. of water per hand wash.
  • Average industrial worker uses up to 35 gal. of water daily hand washing.

Water consumption and waste during the hand cleaning process is often overlooked.

On average one industrial worker uses 8,800 gallons of water annually, solely through hand washing alone! It’s astounding to think that a 75-person manufacturing facility could fill an Olympic size pool with their annual hand washing waste water!

It’s proven statistically that 75% of this water is discharged untreated to surface freshwater, that’s 6,600 gallons of pollutants going into our waterways!!

What Options are Available to You?

Consider using a high-performance concentrated hand cleaner, less time and water will be required to get the job done!

Use products that don’t contain harsh chemicals, or abrasives, are readily biodegradable and safe for you and your environment. On average liquid brands contain 70-80% water an added waste that hasn’t been recognized in the scenario above. Most liquid brands also contain chemicals and abrasives that are harmful to you and the environment. (StatCan.com)


Comparison WORX® vs Liquid

  • No Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Contains No Alcohol, will Not Dry Out Skin or Cause Environmental Damage
  • Restores Your Skin’s Natural PH Balance
  • Will Not Clog Drains and Traps, in fact it Cleans Pipes!
  • Hand Cleaner Contains No Microbeads or Walnut Shells

  • Petroleum-Based
  • Solvents Pollutes and Damages Local Water Table, Flora, and Fauna
  • Contains Alcohol Which Dries Out and Cracks Skin and Causes Environmental Damage
  • Pumice Clogs Drains and Traps, Increases Sediment
  • Some liquid brands contain abrasives such as nuts shells

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