WORX® Hand Cleaners

Our hand cleaners are specifically formulated for use in a wide range of industrial and non-industrial applications. You can be assured, when you buy WORX® Hand Cleaners you are buying the very best! Our premium hand soaps offer a superior clean, are competitively priced, safe on skin and meet or exceed today’s environmental standards!

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ATTAX Surface Cleaners

Are you looking for top quality surface cleaners for light or heavy duty cleanup applications? Then look no further!

Try our ATTAX Surface Cleaners for the best results. Our light or heavy duty formulas are multi-purpose products that make it easy to remove a wide range of industrial deposits from carbon to set-in heavy duty oil stains. These concentrated formulas can be used full strength or diluted and are safe to use in high pressure washers.

We also carry a closed loop dispensing system that will save on cost and make clean up a breeze! Our ATTAX line of surface cleaners are competitively priced, safe on your skin and meet or exceed today’s environmental standards.

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ATTAX Heavy-Duty Degreaser

Get the job done in a healthier way without all the harsh fumes!

Available in a spray can with extension tube for those hard to reach areas, or in a liquid form with optional pressurized liquid pump dispenser. Whatever method you choose, our concentrated formula will emulsify the toughest contaminants with ease, including Bitumen!

Safe, effective and easy to use, the ATTAX Heavy-Duty Degreaser meets or exceeds today's environmental standards.

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